About Us

AEquitas' (|'ekwitäs|; EH-qui-tahs) mission is to improve the quality of justice in sexual violence, intimate partner violence, stalking, and human trafficking cases by developing, evaluating, and refining prosecution practices that increase victim safety and offender accountability. AEquitas' staff is comprised of former prosecutors, with decades of experience, who conduct legal research; provide 24/7 case consultation; serve as mentors and trainers; and publish resources. The individualized assistance AEquitas provides is data driven and incorporates customized strategies that are easy to implement, resulting in prosecutors' ability to sustain effective practices and promote systemic change.

Since 2009, AEquitas has built and continues to develop partnerships with individuals and agencies representing prosecutors, advocates, law enforcement officers, judges, educators, researchers, medical and mental health professionals, forensic scientists, and other allied professionals. As a result of these partnerships, AEquitas is able to provide prosecutors with the support, training, mentorship, and resources necessary to objectively evaluate and constantly reexamine and refine their approach to justice in gender-based violence and human trafficking cases.


A victim-centered response is based on an awareness of the central role that victims and survivors play in the judicial process as well as a consideration of their needs throughout that process. The best possible case outcomes hold offenders accountable, but they also take into account a victim's history, experience, and perspective, as well as the impact of the criminal justice process on the victim, victim's family, workplace, and community. AEquitas develops and promotes innovative strategies that provoke a philosophical shift from victim-blaming to victim-centered.


An offender-focused approach is based on the acknowledgment that offenders purposefully, knowingly, and intentionally target victims whom they believe they can assault and impugn. AEquitas challenges prosecutors and allied professionals to develop and employ offender-focused strategies that are driven by an accurate and unbiased analysis of a case and a thorough understanding of the applicable law. This approach ensures that criminal justice professionals protect victims' rights while focusing on the actions, behaviors, characteristics, and intent of offenders.


Research has shown that when systems work collaboratively to provide a coordinated response, it encourages more victims to access services and participate in the process, more effectively holds offenders accountable, and improves community and victim safety. As a result of its collaboration with line-level prosecutors and allied professionals, AEquitas continually evaluates and refines its resources and curricula to respond to emerging issues and promote promising practices.

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