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Yahoo Health | The Controversial St. Paul Verdict: Why Selecting a Rape Case Jury Is Particularly Difficult

(09/02/2015) While voir dire traditionally focuses on “jurors’ abilities to follow the law, assess witness credibility, [and] understand the burden of proof … [t]he prevalence of rape myths, however, weighs in favor of judges creating exceptions to the general rule of strictly limiting juror voir dire in sexual assault cases,” according to a 2010 article published by AEquitas, a group of legal experts who provide consultation to prosecutors on cases involving violence against women.

“Just like the rest of the criminal justice system, there is no magic formula for jury selection,” Viktoria Kristiansson, an attorney advisor for AEquitas who has specialized law experience in sexual assault and violence against women, tells Yahoo Health. “You do what you can in your own jurisdiction, with what laws are in place, in that courtroom.”

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