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The New York Times | Owen Labrie of St. Paul’s School Is Found Not Guilty of Main Rape Charge

(08/28/2015) The nine men and three women rejected the more serious accusations of aggravated sexual assault, as well as a misdemeanor assault charge of biting the girl’s chest, but convicted Mr. Labrie of three misdemeanors related to the girl’s age and involving penetration with his penis, mouth and finger. He was also convicted of endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor, and a felony charge involving use of a computer to lure a minor.

It seemed, one expert said, to be a compromise among the jurors.

“When there’s a compromise verdict, I think you’re always searching for reasons why it happened,” said Jennifer Long, a former assistant district attorney who trains lawyers on the prosecution of sexual violence. “It’s natural to wonder, is that fully understood or accepted by the jury or a community as a whole — the idea of consent, that it can be withdrawn, that consent to one sexual activity doesn’t mean consent to anything and everything?”

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