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Bustle | Will Owen Labrie Go To Jail? The Ex-St. Paul's School Student's Lawyers Have A Clear Goal In Mind

(09/08/2015) One expert told The New York Times that the jury's choice to convict Labrie of one felony charge while acquitting him of all others seemed like a compromise. Neither the defense nor the prosecution called expert witnesses or analysts to talk about consent. Jennifer Long, a former assistant district attorney who trains lawyers on the prosecution of sexual violence, told the Times the acquittal may have come more from murky questions surrounding consent and when it has been violated:

"When there's a compromise verdict, I think you’re always searching for reasons why it happened. It's natural to wonder, is that fully understood or accepted by the jury or a community as a whole — the idea of consent, that it can be withdrawn, that consent to one sexual activity doesn’t mean consent to anything and everything?"

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