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MSN - Talking Points Memo | Why Prosecuting Bill Cosby Won't Be As Difficult As It Once Was

(12/31/2015) "The research is very clear that jurors and other laypersons and fact-finders come into sexual assault cases with a lot of misconceptions about sexual assault and about sex assault survivors, and these misconceptions lead them to often blame the victim for her own victimization," said Viktoria Kristiansson, an attorney advisor for AEquitas, a Washington-based group that provides resources for prosecutors in sexual violence cases. Kristiansson spoke to TPM after the charge against Cosby was announced.

Pennsylvania was the last state in the country to life its ban on the testimony of outside experts in sexual assault cases. The 2012 law allowing their testimony was upheld by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court last month.

"If we don't have this expert testimony to allow the jury to understand what sexual assault is all about and that many victims of sex assault may commonly behave in ways that seem counter-intuitive, the jury is left then with very little understanding why some of these things may have occurred," Kristiansson said, which in turn makes jurors less likely to convict.

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