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Sun Sentinel | Behind Robber's Sexy Facade Is A Human Trafficking Victim, Lawyer Says

(01/05/2016) When Miami prosecutors a few years ago started seeing an uptick in Rolex rip-off arrests, or what they dubbed "watch girl" cases, they developed a progressive approach in handling the cases, said Jane Anderson, a former Miami Assistant State Attorney who prosecuted three of Boyar's cases [and is now an adviser at AEquitas, a Washington D.C.-based nonprofit that trains prosecutors in how to handle cases involving victimized women.]

"We started looking at defendants as potential victims," Anderson said. "Many of our victims have histories of neglect, sexual abuse, physical abuse and that is why they are vulnerable to the point that a trafficker ends up exploiting them."

Beyah is a textbook example of such a victim, Anderson said. She has a lengthy criminal history, a transient existence, a history of physical and sexual abuse and a pimp who called the shots.

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