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Thomson Reuters | U.S. Gay Sex Slave Trial Exposes Dilemmas Faced By Male Trafficking Victims

(12/29/2015) Three young Hungarian men have helped dismantle a U.S. gay prostitution ring that enslaved them, marking a victory for local prosecutors but highlighting the difficulty in reaching and helping male trafficking victims, campaigners said. [ . . . ]

The case marked a victory for the human trafficking task force of the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office, which teaches prosecutors and law enforcement to look out for signs of trafficking, said one of its founders, Jane Anderson.

Red flags might include girls arrested for shoplifting sexual lubricants or family disputes in which teens will not disclose to their parents how they got expensive gifts.

"Now when a woman comes with a black eye, and her occupation is listed as a dancer, we don't just assume that the guy who did this is her boyfriend," said Anderson, now an attorney advisor to AEquitas, a Washington-based group that provides resources for prosecutors in sexual violence and trafficking cases.

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