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Washington Post - Wonkblog | What Makes The Rape Case Against Bill Cosby So Unusual

(02/02/2016) One arrest can account for several crimes, as some rapists have multiple victims over the course of a year. Still, there is clearly a large gap between crimes and apprehensions.

Some of that gap results from the low rate at which victims report sexual assaults. Some victims prefer not to tell police about what happened or aren't able to describe it clearly, because the trauma interferes with memory. Other victims doubt their ability to tell their stories in a believable and convincing way.

Still others try to put rape behind them by not talking about it or even thinking about it.

"There are certain things that, as part of the human condition, we do in order to be able to continue to survive in a quote-unquote 'normal' way," said Viktoria Kristiansson, a former New Jersey prosecutor. "For some people, it is easier to just shut that off altogether and never even allow the brain to get to the point where there is an acknowledgment that a crime occurred."

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