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WV - 12 News WBOY | Sexual Assault Symposium Comes to Stonewall Resort

(04/19/2016) The 16th Annual Sexual Assault and Stalking Symposium brought representatives from groups around the state to learn more about how to better respond to sexual assault. The annual event is organized by the West Virginia Foundation for Rape Information and Services. They said sharing the latest information is important for organizations around the state. [ . . . ]

Presenters at the event also want the general public to learn more about how to relate to sexual assault victims. Presenter Viktoria Kristiansson wants people and juries to be aware of the challenges faced by victims in court, and the pressures they face while there.

"By the time that evidence is presented in a court of law and is then left for a jury to make a determination, possibly of guilt, there have been a lot of professionals who have evaluated the evidence," said Kristiansson.

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