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Cosmopolitan | Fighting Back: One Girl's Mission to End Cyber Bullying

(06/22/2013) Blaming the victim existed long before cell-phone cameras, but new technologies make it "much easier to intimidate and harass someone," says Jennifer Gentile Long, a former prosecutor and director of AEquitas, a women's legal advocacy group in Washington, D.C. For victims, there's a sense of losing control because photos, rumors, and other attacks spread at the speed of light. Technology becomes a powerful weapon for bullies, pushing invasion of privacy to a new level. [ . . . ]

Each case is more disturbing than the last. Yet, Long says, it could be that there is a silver lining to technology's role in rape. Photos and tweets can be used as evidence, as was the case in Steubenville. And as horrible as rape bullying is to witness, says Long, "it's unmasking for the public what's really going on—how these crimes are perpetrated and who the perpetrators are."

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