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CNN | Prosecutors Drop Rape Charges Against Former Indiana University Student in Plea Deal

(06/28/2016) There's a tendency to overlook how "purposeful and dangerous" the conduct is when cases lack "traditionally forceful elements," such as weapons or overt violence and alcohol is involved, said former Philadelphia assistant district attorney Jennifer Long, CEO of AEquitas, which advises prosecutors in sexual violence prosecutions.

"Some cases are pled down because there's a belief, rightly or wrongly, or a perception that cases with these factors -- alcohol, no weapon, no physical injury -- can be seen as difficult or impossible to win," she said. "I don't think that's true but that's the perception and then it becomes the reality."

In cases where alcohol is involved it highlights a double standard, she said. Perpetrators become less blameworthy and victims become more responsible for what happened to them.

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