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Attn:, Inc. | People Are Furious Over How The Sun Is Portraying This Story About Rape

(07/21/2016) Focusing on the victim's behavior, such as how much she drank or what she wore, rather than the offender’s behavior is a form of victim-blaming, according to Viktoria Kristiansson, an attorney advisor for AEquitas, a prosecutors' resource on violence against women. In an interview with ATTN:, she said:

"Usually, there’s an absence of any discussion of the suspect or the offender's behavior. Instead, the focus is on the victim – what did she do or say at the time. It's amazing that we continue to see a lack of any kind of focus on the offender." [ . . . ]

While a victim is not at fault based on any of her actions prior to a crime, Kristiansson still recognizes the importance of thoroughly examining what happened leading up to any incident:

“Human behavior doesn’t exist in a time bubble. The victim selection process by the offender is no accident and is important to consider – there are offenders who are going to select a victim that they can attack successfully, and they feel won’t report or feel won’t be believed.

The Sun is obviously not alone in participating in victim-blaming, but merely a symptom of widespread rape culture that manifests itself in a myriad of ways.

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