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The Guardian | 'It’s Victimization': Push Grows to Charge Onlookers Who Tape Sexual Assaults

(08/15/2016) In Jane Anderson’s travels with AEquitas, a group that helps law enforcement officials investigate and prosecute difficult cases of sexual assault, it is often the most popular question posed to her: how do we charge someone who didn’t commit the rape, but filmed it for all to see?

Several months ago, it was a prosecutor in Louisiana, where Anderson was on the road hosting a training session. Six weeks ago, it was a new member of Miami’s cybercrimes unit. There had been an assault, captured on video, and the cybercrimes prosecutor wanted to know how severely she could charge the person suspected of recording.

“I’m hearing from prosecutors all over the country that they’re handling cases where a sexual assault was recorded by a ‘bystander’ and they’re struggling to find ways to hold that person criminally liable for something,” Anderson said. “They’re really eager to hear some strategies.”

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