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CNN | Mad About Brock Turner's Sentence? It's Not Uncommon

(09/04/2016) Based on the analysis of 217 criminal complaints, the study found that 54% of arrests in the general population for sexual assault result in conviction, compared to 31% of athletes arrested for sexual assault.

Since then, there has been no meaningful, long-term research on the topic. But former Philadelphia prosecutor Jennifer Long said she has no reason to believe much has changed, especially in cases of one person's word against another.

"As stunning as the Stanford outcome was, it was not uncommon. Far too often we look at perpetrators in a less blameworthy way and minimize what happened to the victim," said Long, chief executive officer of AEquitas: The Prosecutors' Resource on Violence Against Women.

"More often than not in these cases, you see punishments that are way lower than the conduct seems to require."

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