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Attn:, Inc. | 4 Ways You Can Be Raped After You've Consented to Sex

(05/16/2016) When one person agrees to sex with the requirement of wearing a condom and the other person doesn’t comply – either through force or manipulation – that is not only a violation of trust but also a sexual violation.

“In some jurisdicitons, sexual assault statutes cover penetration associated with fraud,” Viktoria Kristiansson, an attorney advisor for AEquitas, “The Prosecutors' Resource on Violence Against Women,” said in an interview with ATTN:. She added that depending on where you are, this conduct might not be covered under a jurisdiction's criminal statutes so you would have to consider pursuing a civil remedy, which could include suing.

“I think that’s a pretty significant occurrence...I’d imagine she would be extremely upset, have to get tested for STIs,” said Kristiansson. “It’s really traumatizing, time-consuming, and expensive, depending on the kind of insurance that person does or doesn’t have – it’s a big deal.”

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