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The Daily Beast | Pickup Artists Preyed on Drunk Women, Brought Them Home, and Raped Them

(09/21/2016) The hurdle of a victim’s intoxication can be so high, in fact, that law enforcement and prosecutors sometimes fail to fully investigate or prosecute rapes, according to Jennifer Gentile Long, a former prosecutor and CEO of AEquitas, a global resource for prosecutors handling sex crimes.

“Clearly cases get weeded out of the system for many reasons,” said Gentile Long. Victims change their minds, rape kits go untested, police fail to follow up, or prosecutors decline to press charges, but “intoxication of a victim is the most common barrier,” she said.

Still, Gentile Long said, “as challenging as it is to prosecute sex assault cases where alcohol is a factor, we, law enforcement, are creating more challenges by not fully investigating these cases and taking them forward.”

“They can be successfully prosecuted.”

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