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NBC News | Bill Cosby's Conviction Was Hailed as a #MeToo Victory. But Advocates Say More Needs to be Done.

(05/03/2018) Advocates also said the Cosby trial put the spotlight on persistent myths about sexual assault and did much to dispel them. During the trial, Cosby’s attorneys tried to undermine the credibility of his accusers by pointing to their alcohol and drug use, questioning their morality and suggesting that they were sexually promiscuous. They called Constand a “con artist" and another accuser, Janice Dickinson, a “failed starlet” who “slept with every single man on the planet.”

“I think the case represents a rejection of what is a very old, tired and common defense of blaming and shaming victims for their own rape and assault," said Jennifer Long, a former Philadelphia prosecutor and CEO of AEquitas, a Washington-based group dedicated to providing prosecutors with training and education about sexual violence. “The fact that it was not effective in this case sends a great message because hopefully defense attorneys will think twice before they pull that out.”

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