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The Patriot-News | Experts: Jerry Sandusky's Defense Will Question Credibility of New Alleged Victims

(12/07/2011) In Pennsylvania, witness credibility is not an issue at preliminary hearings, said Chris Mallios, a staff attorney at AEquitas, a prosecutors’ resource center for violence against women.

Still, Mallios said, Sandusky’s attorney will want to get as much of the alleged victims testimony on the record as the judge will allow, in hopes of using it against the witnesses at trial. That’s where the harsh interrogation will come.

“That type of attack on credibility is a no-brainer,” Mallios said. “When you have a defendant who’s prestigious or wealthy, you always say (the victim) wants money. “(But) the truth is the truth, and the truth will come out. When victims talk about their experiences, details that only they could have known ... the truth comes out at trial.”

In many cases, victims might not have told police of abuse at the time, Mallios said, but they will have told a friend, sibling or partner. If that happened in this case, prosecutors could call those people as witnesses to bolster the alleged victims testimony.

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