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The New York Post | Unreasonable Doubt

(03/31/2012) The jury selection process in New York City used to be generous with busy professionals who wish to excuse themselves, but no more. This being Manhattan, no fewer than five of the 12 jurors were themselves lawyers, hence professional masters of the split hair and the micro-technicality.

“From what I’ve read, it’s outrageous, it’s a gross miscarriage of justice,” says former Philadelphia sex-crimes prosecutor Jennifer Long. “This verdict defies all explanation.” [ . . . ]

“I wouldn’t say that it’s never happened before, but this is well outside the bounds of anything I’ve ever seen,” says Long, now director of AEquitas, a group that provides resources for prosecutors of sex crimes.

“In my mind, this would actually constitute 100% certainty,” Long says. “It’s about as slam-dunk as you get. This may be more a perception of rape — and maybe a minimization of rape.”

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