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Philadelphia Daily News | WOAR on Rape Rumbles on After 40 Years

(12/04/2012) Johnson is excited about WOAR's new work with LGBT and elderly groups and with immigrant communities whose cultural taboos and language barriers can keep victims from seeking help. In fact, WOAR community outreach director, Cristina Perez, just won a prestigious Robert Wood Johnson Community Health Leader Award for her work with these groups, which was lauded as a national model.

That doesn't surprise attorney Christopher Mallios. He prosecuted sex crimes when he worked in the Philly District Attorney's Office and now works for AEquitas, a national organization that provides resources, globally, to those who prosecute violence against women. "The 'Philly model' of aggressively prosecuting sex crimes came out of WOAR's work with the D.A.'s office," says Mallios. He says it directly informs the training he now does with prosecutors in jurisdictions as far away as Liberia. "I'm extremely proud of the work we did. We were encouraged to take on the hard cases, to really advocate for the victim."

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