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The Harvard Crimson | What Sex Signals Doesn't Teach

(09/23/2011) If the assault happened on Harvard property, it falls under Harvard University Police jurisdiction. HUPD detectives will be in charge of compiling evidence, says Rankin. The quicker you go to them, the “fresher” the evidence, Rankin says. Remember, when talking to police, to give “a complete picture,” according to Jennifer G. Long, Director of the AEquitas: The Prosecutors’ Resource on Violence Against Women. If this is someone you know—has he or she been violent before? What were your interactions leading up to the incident? Who did you talk to immediately following? Write down anything you can remember about the incident as quickly as possible. [ . . . ]

The criminal court holds the standard of “beyond a reasonable doubt,” a high standard meaning it may be hard to prosecute successfully. If you go forward with a criminal case, you might wish to be paired with a victim advocate who will educate you on the process and might alleviate common difficulties of criminal cases, such as their length, Long says by phone.

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