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Penn Law | Penn Law Doctoral Candidate's Study Exposes Domestic Violence in Religious Communities

(02/24/2014) The paper, “In God’s Shadow: Unveiling the Hidden World of Domestic Violence Victims in Religious Communities” by Michal Gilad L’16, surveys an extensive literature on the relationship between religion and domestic violence. While no compelling evidence points to religious families being more prone to domestic violence, Gilad writes, the scholarship demonstrates that religious women are more vulnerable when abused.

The article was ranked #1 on CrimProf Blog’s list of most downloaded papers in criminal law and procedure soon after it was posted on SSRN. [ . . . ]

She wrote the article in collaboration with AEquitas, a Washington, DC, based nonprofit established by the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape and the Battered Women’s Justice Project, which provides prosecutors with resources to evaluate and refine their approach to cases involving violence against women.

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