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FiOS1 News | Analysis: How Will Authorities Handle Jersey City Underage Sex Film?

(05/08/2014) The 15-year-old Dickinson High School student's Facebook post depicting his intimate encounter with a 13-year-old girl was designed to humiliate, and the plotting that went into the brazen act made it similar to other crimes against women, according to legal adviser Viktoria Kristiansson.

"Think of the planning that goes into that kind behavior," said Kristiansson, a former deputy New Jersey attorney general. "We always hope that, in responding to these cases, law enforcement is aware throughout the investigation that offenders purposely, knowingly and intentionally target victims who they believe they can successfully exploit." [ . . . ]

Kristiansson, an attorney adviser for the Washington-based organization AEquitas: The Prosecutors' Resource on Violence Against Women, said it's not unusual for the perpetrator of any crime to post footage of his criminal acts or other relevant evidence on social media sites. In some instances "it speaks to the offender's brazenness and sense of entitlement," she said.

She emphasized that the making of the recording in this case took considerable forethought, as sex crimes often do.

"We are talking about perhaps the secret filming of an act with full knowledge that there is video that the recorder intended to post for the world to see," Kristiansson said.

Sexual predators generally take time to plan out their assaults and target their victims, searching for women who they perceive to be vulnerable and easy to isolate, she said. They also seek out victims who they think won't be believed when they try to report the crime, for example, someone who is intoxicated or "does not have the best reputation in the community," she added.

"He does this on purpose. It's part of the planning...None of this occurs by accident," Kristiansson said.

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