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Kaiser Health News | Rape Victims May Have to Pay for Some Medical Services

(06/03/2014) A 2012 analysis found that 15 states have laws related to using insurance in cases of rape. The legislative review by AEquitas, an organization that provides training and technical assistance to prosecutors in sexual assault cases, found that some states required insurers to be billed first for costs related to forensic medical exams while other states prohibit providers from billing insurers for the exams. Others fall somewhere in the middle, permitting victims' insurance to be billed but only with their consent, for example. A state's approach may depend on whether it's concerned primarily with saving money or protecting victims' privacy, say experts. [ . . . ]

"The most important thing is to talk to a state advocacy group to find out what can be covered and what can't," says Christopher Mallios, an attorney adviser at AEquitas.

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