In the News | Why Roger Goodell's Meeting With Ray Rice And His Wife Was A Bad Idea

(07/28/2014) The issue goes well beyond accountability. In the vacuum of the NFL, neither the meeting nor the press conference seems all that odd. Both are standard stations of the cross for any football player caught behaving badly. But in the psychologically fraught context of a domestic incident, these are strange things for the league not only to countenance but to encourage. Attorney advisor Viktoria Kristiansson of AEquitas, which provides resources for prosecutors in cases involving violence against women, pointed out that domestic-violence victims often wind up defending the very people who had hurt them.

"Victim giving statements on behalf of the batterer, blaming herself, minimizing the culpability of the batterer—these are all common in domestic violence and also witness-intimidation dynamics," said Kristiansson, who wasn't speaking specifically about the Rice case.

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