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Lancaster Online | College Rape Survivors Have No Easy Path When Seeking Justice

(09/14/2014) Mallios said many college proceedings were designed with cases of academic dishonesty, or less complicated infractions, in mind.

F&M’s hearing protocol seems to him to be “bizarre and cruel ... It requires victims to sit at the same table as the person who raped them and basically try their own case. It demonstrates a shocking lack of understanding of the impact of sexual trauma on victims.”

And, said Mallios, it is “far from the type of trauma-informed response that a campus would be expected to have in place.” [ . . . ]

Mallios, of AEquitas, was a prosecutor in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office for nearly 16 years.

As chief of that office’s Family Violence & Sexual Assault Unit, he prosecuted and supervised the prosecution of thousands of cases involving domestic violence, sexual assault and child sexual abuse.

“A lot of prosecutors avoid filing charges in sexual assault cases because they don’t think they can win them,” Mallios said, noting that some elected prosecutors are “very concerned with their conviction rates.”

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