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Glamour | Meet Ashley Reynolds, the Woman Fighting "Sextortion"

(07/18/2015) He said he'd stop bothering her if she sent him photos of herself in her bra, and for reasons she still can't quite explain, she did it. "All I was thinking was, Just get him off my back," she says. "I'd never heard of sextortion. I thought he would go away." The fact that she didn't worry more about the consequences is typical for her age; adolescents feel immune to danger, says Jane Anderson, an attorney adviser at the nonprofit AEquitas, which trains lawyers how to best prosecute cases of violence against women. "Teens are also digital natives who have grown up with a total lack of online privacy," she notes. "The more you've lived on social media, the less likely you are to question it." Or as Reynolds puts it now: "I thought I could handle it on my own."

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