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Feb 16, 2016     What We Can Learn From The Jian Ghomeshi Sexual Assault Trial | The National
Feb 13, 2016     Police Did Not Question Suspects In Sex Assault | Providence Journal
Feb 13, 2016     Writing A Love Letter Instead Of A Police Report: Why Victims Contact Sex Attackers | The Guardian
Feb 02, 2016     What Makes The Rape Case Against Bill Cosby So Unusual | Washington Post - Wonkblog
Feb 01, 2016     Why An Ohio Supreme Court Case Involving Rape Kits Is Drawing National Attention | - The Plain Dealer
Jan 27, 2016     It’s Happening Here: Identifying Partners for Proactive Labor Trafficking Investigations | Official Blog of the International Association of Chiefs of Police
Jan 22, 2016     Did Track Palin Get Off Easy? | Slate - The Gist
Jan 05, 2016     Behind Robber's Sexy Facade Is A Human Trafficking Victim, Lawyer Says | Sun Sentinel
Dec 31, 2015     Why Prosecuting Bill Cosby Won't Be As Difficult As It Once Was | MSN - Talking Points Memo
Dec 30, 2015     Gay Sex Slave Trial Highlights Male Trafficking | HuffPost Live
Dec 29, 2015     U.S. Gay Sex Slave Trial Exposes Dilemmas Faced By Male Trafficking Victims | Thomson Reuters
Dec 22, 2015     Rape Victims Are Still Being Charged for Rape Kits | DoubleX - Slate
Dec 15, 2015     Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch Announces $2.7 Million in Grants to Strengthen the Justice System's Response to Sexual Assault | The United States Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General
Dec 07, 2015     NFL Domestic Violence Case Shows System's Flaws | CBS News
Oct 09, 2015     Human Trafficking Training | The Daily Item
Sep 16, 2015     RTI International to provide training and technical assistance for National Sexual Assault Kit Initiative | RTI International
Sep 10, 2015     Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch Delivers Remarks Announcing $41 Million Justice Department Grant Initiative to Address National Backlog of Untested Sexual Assault Kits | The United States Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General
Sep 08, 2015     Will Owen Labrie Go To Jail? The Ex-St. Paul's School Student's Lawyers Have A Clear Goal In Mind | Bustle
Sep 02, 2015     The Controversial St. Paul Verdict: Why Selecting a Rape Case Jury Is Particularly Difficult | Yahoo Health
Sep 02, 2015     Office on Violence Against Women Announces New Funding Opportunity for Sexual Assault Justice Initiative to Improve Sexual Assault Prosecutions | Department of Justice, Office of Public Affairs

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