Interviewing Victims of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation: Techniques and Tactics

Webinar Recording

Presented by Viktoria Kristiansson, Attorney Advisor, AEquitas;
Tina Frundt, Executive Director, Courtney’s House, Washington, DC; and
Bill Woolf, Jr., Detective, Fairfax County, VA

Trafficking victims are difficult to interview for the same reasons they are difficult to identify. Traffickers manipulate, coerce, threaten, and commit acts of violence against victims, which may result in their inability or unwillingness to self-identify, report to law enforcement, or participate in the criminal justice process. Victims of trafficking may initially appear to be runaways or victims of other crimes. They may also come to the attention of authorities as criminal suspects or defendants charged with prostitution, further complicating their perception of or relationship with the criminal justice system. Therefore, the ability to expediently and appropriately identify a victim of trafficking or exploitation is crucial, and often can be accomplished only through effective interviewing.

This webinar highlighted the importance of preparing for an interview by collaborating with community-based programs that provide services to victims of trafficking as well as other allied professionals who have conducted similar investigations. It also explored a variety of interview techniques and provided law enforcement officers and prosecutors with the tools to develop their own open-ended questions and protocols for interviewing trafficking victims.

Allied justice system professionals including but not limited to prosecutors, law enforcement officers, community-based service providers, medical and mental health practitioners, probation and parole officers, and judges are encouraged to view the recording.

CLE Credits
This webinar recording should qualify prosecutors for one and one-half (1.5) hours of continuing legal education credits. Prosecutors are encouraged to contact their state bar association in reference to application requirements and related fees.

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