Criminal Meets Civil: Coordinating Our Response

Webinar Recording

Presented by Teresa Garvey, Attorney Advisor, AEquitas

Prosecutors know that a coordinated response to intimate partner violence provides maximum support to victims. Over the years, we have learned the value of collaboration with the advocacy community in the interest of promoting victim safety, but one sometimes-overlooked collaborator is the victim’s civil attorney. Prosecutors and practitioners representing victims in civil proceedings are equally dedicated to victim safety, but may not always fully appreciate the value and limitations of each other’s role in the process.

This presentation highlights the importance of coordination between prosecutors and victims’ civil attorneys. The presenter discusses the potential for identifying crimes not yet reported to law enforcement and explains how prosecutors and civil attorneys can work together to identify helpful evidence that will be admissible in the criminal case. The presenter also explores ways in which civil proceedings in family or other civil courts can support the victim while the criminal case is pending.

CLE Credits
This recording should qualify prosecutors for one (1.0) hour of continuing legal education credits. Prosecutors are encouraged to contact their state bar association in reference to application requirements and related fees.

Click here to view the recording of the November 30, 2015 webinar.

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