Economic Justice for Victims

Webinar Recording

Presented by Teresa Garvey, Attorney Advisor, AEquitas and Malore Dusenbery, Associate Director, Economic Security for Survivors Project

Economic abuse is one of the many ways that abusers achieve and maintain power and control over their intimate partners. Many such acts are criminal in and of themselves but are frequently overlooked when the focus is on physical abuse. Moreover, economic barriers prevent many victims from securing safety for themselves and their children. Economic insecurity and dependence on the abuser directly impact the ability of victims to participate in the criminal justice system. Addressing the financial impact of these crimes at all stages of the criminal justice process will improve the ability of victims to participate, assist the prosecutor to present a more accurate and compelling case at trial, increase the safety of victims, and help to ensure the offender is held accountable for the full range of criminal conduct.

This webinar recording explores the ways in which economic insecurity and economic abuse affect victims and will suggest strategies to achieve economic justice in cases involving intimate partner violence, stalking, sexual violence, and human trafficking.

Allied justice system professionals, including but not limited to prosecutors, law enforcement officers, community-based service providers, college campus professionals, and judges, are encouraged to register for this recording.

CLE Credits
This webinar recording should qualify prosecutors for one (1.0) hour of continuing legal education credits. Prosecutors are encouraged to contact their state bar association in reference to application requirements and related fees.

Click here to view the recording of this April 13, 2016 webinar.

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