National Institute on the Prosecution of Sexual Violence - II

November 16 - 19, 2010

The National Institute on the Prosecution of Sexual Violence II (NIPSVII) was an advanced training course designed to provide prosecutors who have previously attended the original NIPSV or NIPSVI with the training, resources, and skills necessary to overcome emerging legal issues and challenges to successfully prosecute these difficult cases. NIPSVII delved more deeply into the concepts addressed during NIPSVI and integrated such complicated dynamics as campus sexual assault, sexually exploited victims, and victims with disabilities.

NIPSVII utilized a highly interactive team format to engage and challenge prosecutors while providing them the opportunity to collaborate with their peers to develop more effective prosecution strategies. Attendees worked closely with expert faculty including prosecutors, advocates, and other national experts to examine and promote the application of promising practices being implemented by other jurisdictions across the country. In addition to victim-centered, offender-focused prosecution practices, participants enhanced their understanding of criminalistics, DNA, and computer forensics as they worked through complex case files based on actual cases. Attendees were encouraged to develop unique strategies and policies to increase victim participation and overcome defense tactics devised to bias juries and judges. Participants left NIPSVII prepared to engage in local multidisciplinary training and encourage innovative system-wide approaches while implementing more effective case evaluation, investigation, and preparation techniques to achieve justice in sexual violence cases.

NIPSVII took place at the Center for Education on Violence Against Women in Washington, DC. 23 prosecutors from across the country were in attendance, and qualified for approximately twenty (20) continuing legal education credit hours.

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