Webinar Recordings

#GUILTY: Identifying, Preserving, and Presenting Digital Evidence

A Study in Labor Trafficking: Modes, Means, and Methods of Organized Trafficking Operations

Alcohol-Facilitated Sexual Assault: Who Needs Force When You Have Alcohol? Parts 1 & 2

Betraying the Badge: Officer-Involved Domestic Violence

Beyond Conviction Rates: Measuring Success in Sexual Assault Prosecutions

Body-Worn Cameras and Gender-Based Violence: Practical Considerations from the Prosecution Perspective

Challenges Multiplied: Multi-Defendant Rape and Witnessed Rape

Context is Everything: Battered Women Charged with Crimes

Criminal Meets Civil: Coordinating Our Response

Disarming the Batterer: Intimate Partner Violence and Firearms

Economic Justice for Victims

Ethical Considerations for Prosecutors in Intimate Partner Violence Cases

Ethical Considerations for Prosecutors in Sexual Violence Cases

Following the Digital Breadcrumbs: Utilizing Technology in Sex Trafficking Prosecutions

From Barriers to Solutions: Investigating and Prosecuting Human Trafficking

Gang-Related Violence, Exploitation, and Intimidation

Higher Education: Dispelling Myths to More Effectively Prosecute Campus Rape

Integrating a Trauma-Informed Response

Interviewing Victims of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation: Techniques and Tactics

Introducing Expert Testimony in Domestic Violence Cases

Introducing Expert Testimony in Sexual Violence Cases

Investigating and Prosecuting the Intimidation of Victims of Sexual Abuse in Confinement

Investigating and Prosecuting Trafficking in Illicit Massage Businesses: Parts 1, 2, & 3

Keep Calm and Understand Elonis v. U.S.

Labor Trafficking: Exploitation for the Sake of the Bottom Line

Making it Stick: Protecting the Record for Appeal

Making Your Case: Evidence-Based Prosecution

Overcoming the Consent Defense: Identifying, Investigating, and Prosecuting the Non-Stranger Rapist

Pretrial Motions: Admitting and Excluding Evidence in the Prosecution of Sexual Abuse in Confinement

Prosecuting Cases Involving Victims with Developmental Disabilities: A Focus on Sexual Assault

Prosecuting Intimate Partner Sexual Assault

Prosecuting Strangulation Injury

Responding to Intimidation in Human Trafficking Cases

Safeguarding Victim Privacy: A Plan of Action for Prosecutors

Sexual Abuse in Confinement – An Introduction for Prosecutors

Sexual Abuse in Confinement: A Case Study

Stalking and Technology: Prosecution Strategies

Stop Calling It ‘Revenge Porn’: Prosecuting Image Exploitation

Technical Evidence in Stalking Prosecutions: Where to Get It and How to Get It In

Trial Strategies for the Prosecution of Sexual Abuse in Confinement

Williams v. Illinois and Forensic Evidence: The Bleeding Edge of Crawford

Special Initiatives